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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Legal data
DiscreetHearts.com is an entertainment web page. All the contents are copyrighted. DiscreetHearts(TM) is a registered brand of Internet Marketing Technologies S.L.
2. Acceptance
The use of this website is subjected to the following conditions of use. We ask you to read them carefully. Accessing this website and using the material contained in it implies that you have read and accepted, without any reservation, these conditions.
3. Conditions of use
The links that this website contains may lead the user to other third parties websites, on which DiscreetHearts does not have any control. DiscreetHearts.com does not vouch for neither their contents nor the state of those websites, and the access to them through this website does not implies either that DiscreetHearts.com recommends or approves their contents.
4. Intellectual and industrial property rights
The User is committed to use the Contents in accordance with the Law and the current Legal Notice. The User will respond to any claimants, for whatever damage that may cause as a consequence of the non-fulfillment of that commitment.
It is specifically forbidden the use of this website for injurious purposes of goods or interests of the WEBSITE or third parties or that in any other way overload, damage or disable the networks, servers and the rest of computer equipment (hardware) or products and applications (software) of users or third parties.
5. Contents
The User is committed to use the Contents in accordance with the Law and the current Legal Notice, as well as the rest of conditions, regulations and instructions that in the given case could be applicable in accordance with everything stated in the current conditions of use.
In expository terms, the User in accordance with the current legislation must refrain from:
Reproducing, copying, distributing, making available, communicating in public, transforming or modifying the Contents except in the authorized cases by the law or expressly permitted by DiscreetHearts or by who have the ownership of the exploitation rights at each case.
Reproducing or copying for private use the Contents that may be considered as Software or Database in accordance with the current legislation regarding intellectual property rights, as well as their communication in public or making them available to third parties when these acts imply necessarily the reproduction on the part of the User or a third party.
Extracting and/or reusing the whole Website Contents or a substantial part of them, as well as the Databases that DiscreetHearts.com make available to the Users.
6. Insertion of links to the Website for users “not affiliated” to our promotion programs.
The users of the Internet that want to insert links from their own websites to the Website have to fulfill the conditions that are detailed below provided that the ignorance of them does not avoid the responsibilities deriving from the Law:
The link will only connect with the home page of the website but it cannot reproduce it in any way (inline links, texts copy, graphs, etc.).
It is absolutely forbidden, in accordance with the current and applicable legislation at any moment, to set frames of any kind that surround the website or that allow the visualization of the Contents through Internet addresses different from those of the Website and, in any case, when they are visualized together with contents foreign to the Website so that: (I) it produces, or can produce, error, confusion or deception in the users about the true source of the service or Contents; (II) it supposes an act of disloyal comparison or imitation; (III) it is useful for taking advantage of the reputation of the brand and prestige of DiscreetHearts.com; or (IV) by any other way it is forbidden by the current law.
It will not be done, from the linking website, any kind of false, inaccurate or incorrect statement about DiscreetHearts.com, its partners, employees, customers or the quality of the provided services.
In any case it will be expressed from the linking website that DiscreetHearts.com has given its consent for the insertion of the link or that somehow sponsor, collaborate, verify or supervise the services of the linking website.
It is forbidden the use of any denominative, graphic or mixed brand or of another characteristic sign of DiscreetHearts.com within the website the inserts the link except in the cases accepted by the lay or expressly authorized by DiscreetHearts.com and provided that it is allowed, in these cases, a direct link with the Website in the agreed terms in this clause.
The website that inserts the link must faithfully fulfill the law and cannot in any case provide or link with own or third parties contents that: (I) are illicit, harmful or contrary to morality and good conduct (pornography, violence, racism, etc.); (II) create the false impression in the User that DiscreetHearts.com subscribes, endorses, adheres to or otherwise supports the ideas, statements or expressions, whether illicit or otherwise made by the sender; (III) are inappropriate for or no pertinent to the activity of DiscreetHearts.com by virtue of the location, contents or theme of the sender’s Website.
In any case, the existence of Linked Websites may assume neither the existence of agreements with the ownerships or people in charge of them, nor the recommendation, promotion or identification of DiscreetHearts.com with the provided statements, contents or services.
DiscreetHearts does not know the contents and services of the Linked Websites and therefore it is not responsible neither for the damage produced by the illegality, quality, lack of update, unavailability, error and uselessness of the contents and/or services of the Linked Websites nor for any other damage that is not directly attributable to DiscreetHearts.com

7. The communities of DiscreetHearts.com are hosted in subdomains and managed by the companies indicated to that effect in each of the entrances to the community. They are responsible for the maintenance of the computer files according to the law of each country. Internet Marketing Technologies S.L. does not gather or keep any data file of the users of its communities.