Sharing fantasies
You, Your Friends & One More
By: Alex
This is the 21st century, and sex toys came out of hiding from the nightstand drawer some time ago to push aside one of the latest taboos. The oddly-named “dildo” is no longer just for women's private play time, it has evolved into something also used for sex (between couples or in groups).

Sexual Toys
Who doesn't remember the pictures of Madonna casually walking out of a sex toy shop when she was married to Guy Ritchie, which created a tremendous amount of gossip?
It is clear why, but in reality was it so strange? Before some boys say that these toys are a (great) attack on a person's rear, it is helpful to remember that you are not alone in bed/on the sofa/kitchen countertop when using one; the use of dildos doesn't mean that it has to penetrate you where you don't want it to; certainly your girlfriend would appreciate something a little different than your standard foreplay. If you decide to be a bit more adventurous someday, they sky is the limit when it comes to bedroom toys.
Dildos are the most popular type of sex toy, both in recognition and in market share, but they're not the only thing that you can present to your partner to spice things up a bit; there are vibrating rings, erotic lotions, you name it; there is a whole world of toys at your fingertips.
Exploration of your sexuality in the privacy of your own bedroom is one of the key factors in the self-development, but one should not be ashamed to share it with their partner. Lose the fear that your girl will prefer this silicon rival, which people say is anatomically perfect and that she never gets enough of.  It may seem that way, but this toy is never a replacement for the real deal. Furthermore, it will never be able to invite her to dinner for your anniversary.