Sharing fantasies
"Wounds" (Originally in Spanish "Llagas") will be released in the official section of the Sitges Festival
By: Redacción
Abel returns from Egypt willing to write his life's work, but has brought with him more than just inspiration. When the darkness envelops the halls of his home, horror will pierce his flesh and loneliness will become a living hell.

Ángel de Miguel &Miguel Ángel Font
Our director, Miguel Angel Font Bisier, thought "Wounds" (Originally in Spanish "Llagas") as a story to be told in the old way, without using special effects and recreating the horror story using puppets, prosthetics and makeup.
With these assumptions, was constructed a single set of a whole loft appartment, designed by Carlos Gutierrez in Llumm Studios and makeup and other components were created by David Chapanoff.
Filmed in February 2012, the project will finally see the light competing in the Official Section of the International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Sitges 2012.
Starring two of the DiscreetHearts performers, Miguel Angel Riquelme and Belen, "Llagas" was the first contact of them with Miguel Angel Font.
In this short film we have had the collaboration of the novelists Juan de Dios Garduño and Matthew David, the soundtrack was composed by Dannyels Valkfanien and is produced by our director and Llumm Studios.
We wish you the very best of luck in the Sitges Festival!