Sharing fantasies
The sensuality made shop
By: Redacción
This photo gallery will discover some of the best kept secrets of "Sessantanove", the first Spain's DiscreetShop that will open to the public this Saturday.

1st DiscreetShp in Spain 1st DiscreetShp in Spain 1st DiscreetShp in Spain 1st DiscreetShp in Spain 1st DiscreetShp in Spain 1st DiscreetShp in Spain
This Saturday opens in Valencia the first DiscreetShop of Spain, "69" is a "workshop-gallery-studio-boutique-erotic conceptual space", where besides buying our favorite items to enjoy a night of passion, we can also see artworks, exhibitions or even make a photo shoot.
With over 14 years experience, this Italian brand first opens in Spain, and does so in style. It will be on Saturday September 29, from eight in the evening in the street Doctor Beltran Bigorra 13. If you are of age, you are invited, and in addition to aphrodisiac catering, you can participate in a draw for a batch of Cremène Social Cosmetics.
Conceived as a multifunctional space dedicated to eroticism and sensuality, frontally against industrial products, and focuses on craft production, quality materials and high-end products. Sessantanove also leaves room for businesses and artists in the world of eroticism to showcase their products and works.
Books, unique pieces, photographs, workshops and lectures around the erotic game ... everything has a place in Sessantanove, for anyone that wants to enjoy a new, fun and original experience.
Moreover, on the last Saturday of each month you can go to the market to get rid of fetish items you no longer use which could be collector's items. Comics, sculptures, latex, wigs ...which are in perfect use at your house’s Basement Could be sold there as you enjoy sharing experiences with others.
Aphrodisiac cooking courses, ropes and knots, bodysushi, or domination are other options that can be performed in this unusual sexshop, and complete their wide range of entertainment with erotic photography workshops with real models and, of course, tuppersex.