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Juanma Mallén at the Series "IP"
By: Alex
Our associate Juanma Mallén will work with the team of the web series IP, which will premiere on Tuenti on July 15.

Juanma Mallén at the new IPLaSerie
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Synopsis of IP Webseries
In a society where human relationships develop more often on the Web than in the real world, creating a new superficial and distorted dimension to relationships, we follow the story of Mario: a troubled young man from a rough neighborhood who moves to an upper middle-class part of town.
Thanks to a circle of young people who are interested in new technologies, social networks, and the habits of others, Mario gets to know this new world. It is one that is more engaging and complex than he is used to. Betrayals, secrets and hypocrisy are all par for course.
Director: Bogdan Toma
Starring: Pablo Oliveros, Franz Gomez, Pablo Gallo, Paula Celieres, Gina Laline, Patricia Peñalver, Juanma Mallen, Miquel Insua, Sergio Franco, Javier Martinez, Jorge Pobes, Maria Hermosell, Isabel Ampudia, Mercedes Castro.