Sharing fantasies
DiscreetHearts.com's Trailer
By: Alex
The daily life of a couple who share fantasies with friends that they meet online. DiscreetHearts is a new kind of TV series made by the Spanish director Miguel Ángel Font Bisier

Designed by IMT productions with casting done by the Spanish modeling and acting agency DBModels. DiscreetHearts.com is a revolutionary TV series in all its approaches; it was made by the Spanish director Miguel Ángel Font Bisier, 
The plot revolves around a group of friends that met online on a site for people in open relationships. Together they share something more than just friendship.
The stellar cast includes Jaime Linares playing the role of Rodrigo, and Sara Juárez as Diana. Aside from these two, there are loads of recognizable names in our crew, such as Santiago Machancoses, Esther López, Ramón Orozco, Maria José Peris, Candela Montesinos, Juanjo Grau, Enrique Victoria, Juanma Mallén and Belén Riquelme among others. There are also new faces such as Sandra Grima, Withney Okechi and Samuel. The artistic direction has another promising young individual: Arturo Laso, a Valencian stylist that makes his debut the world of fictional TV with DiscreetHearts.com.
The name of the series has "dot com" added to its title for the first time in any web series, which is one more unique, important detail; it is there because the series has been thought to be watched and lived via the internet, involving the Internet users in the development of the series through the community asepcts of hte website.
Without any kind of government grant, IMT productions has put its bet on this new model of business, where the income is obtained from online marketing.