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Cremène will Open its Doors in the U.S.
By: alex
The Spanish cosmetics company Cremène, manufacturer of the breast augmentation cream Breaster, and of different colognes to augment male and female attraction, will begin their expansion in the United States during the month of August.

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Cremène makes special perfumes with pheromones, and the breast augmentation cream Breaster (TM), which enhances breasks in a natural way. Cremène products will be introduced to the United States starting in mid August 2012, the same month in which the Spanish firm will also announce the launch of a new revolutionary perfume that will be kept secreet until the official announcement is made.
Cremène products target people who want to improve their social relationships, using the extra boosts from pheremones.
The Spanish firm has been able to achieve a remarkable market penetration in many European countries, especially since it launched just a short year ago. Sales are done online and offer a 48 hour delivery service throughout the entire European Community, which is its most successful market.
Its expansion in the largest American distribution networks will be done through a different commercial concept, using showcases in the most important retail stores in the United States.