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Things to buy in Amsterdam when you're crazy
By: Redacción
Amsterdam is a bustling city which with its Coffee Shops raises annually for the Dutch State over 15,000 million euros in taxes.

Mr.B  en WarmmoStraat Los último para fumar sin desperdiciar humo Decoración alternativa Bebidas energéticas afrodisíacas Más propuestas de La Condomerie Huelen que alimentan a 100 metros de distancia
Amsterdam offers coffee shops and a chain of commerces  down to the last detail for tourists who come to enjoy the world's sexiest city.
Its stores hold countless articles with a fun and inviting touch. From masks designed for smoking without losing any smoke, the latest in pipes for Marijuana, energy drinks with aphrodisiac supplements are part of the deal you can find on any street of the city.
Streets like Warmmostraat offer you from their shop windows leather outfits at the Village People style in "Mr. B" or the condoms funniest at the Condomerie.