Sharing fantasies
Gives name to our next song, "Made in Spain: Mayonnaise"
The most used Spanish recipes are not Paella and Gazpacho. It's the mayonnaise, which stars the second song of DiscreetHearts LP. In anticipation, here's a photo gallery conducted by Fabrizio Campisi and Israel Sanchez Beato of the explosive moments from the "Made in Spain: Mayonnaise" videoclip shooting.  See More ›

Photo Galleries
PlayBoy will have its own channel on DiscreetHearts.com
In the coming days will see opening at DiscreetHearts.com the PlayBoy channel, with which we'll be sharing content. Playboy is much more than an erotic magazine, is a global icon of sensuality and eroticism and together we have a long way to go in the net. This photo gallery of Marilyn Monroe is just as an advance, to be followed by many more.  See More ›
Sensual Videos
Arturo’s proposals
During the recording of a scene in episode 2, Arturo suggests that somebody suck (lick) Sandra’s feet.  See More ›
Sensuality Skin Deep
To watch has its story
Many centuries before the invention of the webcams, there was a curious long distance introduction method, used mainly to show the powerful people their future concubines and so that they could choose those that pleased them most.  See More ›
Guests will be VIP members for life
Initially will only be able to be members of Our Community those who are participants of YoungSexClub.com (in English) Postyourchat.com (in Spanish) and Leveiumpenabunda.com.br (Portuguese). Only members of these sites can invite their friends to participate, in addition to applying for registration before the end of October.  See More ›
From our Director Miguel Angel Font Bisier
Abel returns from Egypt willing to write his life's work, but has brought with him more than just inspiration. When the darkness envelops the halls of his home, horror will pierce his flesh and loneliness will become a living hell.  See More ›
Sex Toys
This is the 21st century, and sex toys came out of hiding from the nightstand drawer some time ago to push aside one of the latest taboos. The oddly-named “dildo” is no longer just for women's private play time, it has evolved into something also used for sex (between couples or in groups).
Seductive Stares
This photo gallery shows Sandra Grima in all her splendor.   See More ›
A behind-the-scenes look at a day of shooting our TV series
Here you can enjoy a behind-the-scenes look of a day shooting a DiscreetHearts.com episode  See More ›
Exotic Experiences
The boldest proposals
Amsterdam is a bustling city which with its Coffee Shops raises annually for the Dutch State over 15,000 million euros in taxes.  See More ›
DiscreetPhotographers.com the next network of photographers for Web users
A picture is worth a thousand words, but if you want other to get to know you, not just any image will do. Máñez Eve, Eduardo Peris and Isaac Gsidro, give us an idea of what a professional can do with your image in this photo gallery. You decide.  See More ›